India, US agree to hold comprehensive talks to address trade issues

Source: India Today| June 13, 2018

By Lalit K Jha Washington, Jun 13 (PTI) India and the US have agreed to hold official-level comprehensive talks to address trade and economic issues, days after President Donald Trump accused New Delhi of charging 100 per cent tariff on some of the US’ goods.

The decision in this regard was taken during a series of meetings visiting Commerce and Industry Minister Suresh Prabhu had with US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer. Continue reading

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Most New Drug Patents Are for Old Remedies, Research Shows

Source: Bloomberg | November 1, 2018

The U.S. patent system was designed to protect new innovations, but drugmakers are more often than not using it to protect old ones.

At least 74 percent of drugs associated with new patents were medicines already on the market, according to research by Robin Feldman, director of the Institute for Innovation Law at the University of California Hastings College of the Law. The percentage reached 80 percent in three of the years studied in the 2005-2015 period. Continue reading

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The CRISPR Patent Landscape: Past, Present, and Future

Source: The CRISPR Journal Vol. 1, No. 1 | Perspectives

Feb 1, 2018


Besides revolutionizing molecular biology, CRISPR* has intensified public discourse on science and science policy. For better or worse, this has also included a focus on the contentious and rapidly burgeoning patent estate covering CRISPR and its various applications. News stories describing CRISPR as a groundbreaking gene editing technology number in the thousands; hundreds of those, surprisingly, discuss the variety of patent issues involved. Continue reading

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WHO: Proposed work program on “fair price” undermines affordability of medicines

Source: The Third World Network | May 21, 2018

by KM Gopakumar

Geneva:  The proposed work program on fair price raises concerns on affordability of medicines.

The document was prepared by the Secretariat of the World Health Organization (WHO)for the consideration of the 71st World Health Assembly (WHA) proposes the activity under the agenda item addressing the global shortage of and access to medicines and vaccines (A 71/12). Continue reading

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Drugs scandal roils Greek politics

Source: Politico|May 30, 2018

by Simon Marks

ATHENS — The next Greek election could turn on three whistleblower testimonies accusing some of the country’s top politicians of taking bribes from a Swiss pharmaceutical giant.

The three anonymous accounts are part of a Greek judicial investigation into whether Novartis paid off top government officials to spend public money on the company’s products. Continue reading

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Prices of Patented Medicines in India

Source: Economic & Political Weekly | Vol. 53, Issue No. 22, 02 Jun, 2018

by Sharmila Mary Joseph  & James J Nedumpara

To Regulate or Not to Regulate?

Medicines with valid patents generally enjoy exemption from price regulation in most countries. In India, the Drugs (Prices Control) Order lays down the rules for regulation of prices of medicines through a National List of Essential Medicines, inserted as Schedule-I of theDPCO. While any medicine that is included in Schedule-I automatically qualifies for price regulation, theDPCO exempts patented medicines that have been developed indigenously from price control for a period of five years.Can patented molecules for emerging as well as infectious diseases be brought under price regulation in India? Continue reading

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For the first time the court has allowed the Russian pharmaceutical companies to produce a similar drug from USA

Source: HandofMoscow | June 3, 2018

by Andry Kut

The arbitration court of Moscow satisfied the request of the Russian pharmaceutical company “Ukrenergo” on the issuance of a license to use a patent of the American Corporation Celgene in connection with a dependent invention. As noted by RBC, this is the first in the history of Russia such a decision.

Lenalidomide — antitumor and immunostimulatory drug for the treatment of leprosy, tuberculosis, AIDS and multiple myeloma. According to the state register, the domestic lenalidomide “is much cheaper than the American original.” Continue reading

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