India’s IPR Policy to fully protect patents: Nirmala Sitharaman

Source: Business Standard

25 July 2015

The final draft of the National IPR Policy has been circulated for inter-ministerial consultation and is likely to be put up to the Union Cabinet for approval soon

National IPR Policy, which is currently under discussion, will fully protect patent, geographical indication (GI) and copyrights, said Nirmala Sitharaman, Commerce & Industry Minister, while speaking at a seminar on ‘Protecting brands abroad with the Madrid System’. The final draft of the National IPR Policy has been circulated for inter-ministerial consultation and is likely to be put up to the Union Cabinet for approval after getting the comments.

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Gilead Limits Enrollment in its Hep C Patient Program to Pressure Insurers

Source: WSJ

21 July 2015

In a bid to push back against payers, Gilead Sciences is limiting enrollment to its patient assistance program for hepatitis C drugs, which helps people obtain the Sovaldi and Harvoni treatments when they lack sufficient insurance coverage or the financial wherewithal to get the medicines otherwise.

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AstraZeneca not importing enough of diabetes drug: Lee Pharma

Source: Business Standard

8 July 2015

The move was a sign of the evolution of compulsory licensing in India, say experts

Hyderabad-based Lee Pharma, which applied for a compulsory licence of international drug major AstraZeneca’s patented diabetes medicine Saxagliptin last month, said this was the most efficient substitute for insulin injectables.

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Trans-Pacific Partnership building momentum for deal this summer

Source: The Globe and Mail

8 July 2015

Canada and the 11 other countries taking part in Pacific Rim trade talks will push for a deal at a meeting of ministers expected to take place in late July or early August, sources say.

It is a sign of the increasing momentum of the Trans-Pacific Partnership talks and sets the stage for Ottawa to make what are expected to be controversial concessions in the weeks before a federal election campaign begins.

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Harvey Bale, former Director General of IFPMA, says Fast Track “favors the powerful over the weak”

Source: KEI Online

Former IFPMA Chief’s (Harvey Bale’s) Quote on TPP:

Submitted by James Love on 12. June 2015

Following the Friday vote in the House of Representatives which effectively blocked movement (for now) on the Trade Promotion Authority, and more generally, slowed down the TransPacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations, I was contacted by Dr. Harvey Bale, the well known former Director General of the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations (IFPMA). In an exchange on Facebook, Dr. Bale took favorable note of the outcome on fast track, and described the vote against fast track as “A very good day, Indeed.” I asked Dr. Bale for a statement we could use publicly for the next round of debates and he provided the following:

“I have the experience of being a former trade negotiator and senior trade official and I conclude that 1) Fast track is a poor tool for conducting trade negotiations — it encourages our negotiators NOT to negotiate hard on behalf of the general welfare (including labor); 2) secrecy of trade agreements is no longer viable, especially in an Administration that claims to give priority to transparency, since its purpose is to stack the deck against those who should be able to fairly use the democratic process to oppose something against their interest; 3) Fast track is immoral: the negative outcomes of negotiations will fall on those who are not or are ill-organized to resist. It favors the powerful over the weak.”

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TPP Negotiations Lack ‘Oversight And Scrutiny,’ Australian Parliament Report Reveals

Source: HNGN

30 June 2015

The “Blind Agreement” report says that because lawmakers are only allowed to officially review trade laws once they have officially passed, “Parliament is faced with an all-or-nothing choice” on whether to approve the accord.


A protester holds a placard against the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) during a protest outside the Global Entrepreneurship Summit on October 11, 2013 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (Photo : Getty Images)

An Australian parliamentary committee has issued a new report lambasting President Barack Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade accord for being too secretive and lacking adequate “oversight and scrutiny.”

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EU, India aim to resume stalled FTA talks in August

Source: Livemint

30 June 2015

Commerce secretary says this is the best time to conclude the deal to give a boost to textile and leather exports

New Delhi: Despite the ongoing turmoil in the euro zone over Greece’s debt crisis, India and the European Union (EU) have set a tentative August date for the resumption of stalled negotiations for a free trade agreement (FTA), with both sides keen to break the deadlock, outgoing commerce secretary Rajeev Kher said on Monday.

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