MSF approaches Delhi High Court to challenge unmerited patent grant for pneumonia vaccine

New Delhi, 13 October 2017 – Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders India has filed a petition before the High Court of Delhi to overturn the patent granted on the pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV) to the US pharmaceutical corporation Pfizer.

Earlier this year, on August 13, the Indian Patent Office dashed hopes for improved access to an affordable PCV13 when it granted a patent to Pfizer for its PCV 13 product, marketed as Prevnar13, which will expire only in 2026. MSF had challenged Pfizer’s unmerited patent claims on the vaccine in India last year to enable and accelerate the availability of more affordable versions of PCV. Continue reading

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Africa’s cancer curse: Cipla shows way again

By Donald G. Mcneil Jr, International New York Times , Oct 10 2017

In a deal similar to the one that turned the tide against AIDS, Pfizer and Cipla will make chemotherapy drugs available in six poor countries at steep

Ratibu Asiligwa, 10, takes morphine to alleviate the pain from a cancer of skeletal muscle cells, at Kawempe Home Care in Kampala, Uganda. Cancer now kills about 4,50,000 Africans a year. By 2030, it will kill almost 1 million annually, the WHO predicts.  Continue reading

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Groundbreaking, web-based pathway to guide innovators as they develop new TB diagnostics and adjunct technologies

9 October 2017 – Guadalajara, Mexico – Global health organizations are proud to announce the launch of the very first, web-based pathway for tuberculosis (TB) diagnostics and adjunct technologies.

The TB Diagnostics Pathway ( is a common good resource that will be owned by everyone in the TB community and regularly updated.  The site was conceived as a tool to help innovators develop their ideas from research to roll-out, offering guidance on the critical activities to follow and right partnerships to pursue. The TB Diagnostics Pathway will help standardize research, commercialization and roll-out procedures to speed the introduction of promising, new TB diagnostics and adjunct technologies. Continue reading

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Section 301: US investigates allegations of forced technology transfers to China

Source: EastAsia Forum

Authors: Zhiyao (Lucy) Lu and Gary Clyde Hufbauer, Peterson Institute for International Economics

On 18 August 2017, the Trump administration invoked Section 301 of the Trade Act of 1974 to launch an investigation into alleged Chinese violations of intellectual property rights (IPR). In response, China stated that the United States ‘disregards the rules of the WTO’ and that it will ‘take all proper measures to safeguard its legitimate rights’. Alongside investigations into steel and aluminium imports, the new Section 301 case holds the potential to escalate US–China trade tensions. Continue reading

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Malaysian CL on Hep C drug reignites discussion in India

Last month, Malaysia issued a compulsory licence (CL) on multinational drugmaker Gilead’s Hepatitis C drug Sofosbuvir for government use.

This government action aimed at improving access to the drug in Malaysia has in fact rekindled discussions in India, a region not unfamiliar with CLs or Sofosbuvir. Continue reading

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Patient commentary: the current model has failed

Source: BMJ

The cost of cancer drugs is skyrocketing: prices of cancer drugs increased by 10% every year between 1995 and 2013.1 More and more we’re seeing cancer drugs being priced off the NHS—as is the case with secondary breast cancer drug palbociclib, currently under review after it was rejected by NICE earlier this year because of cost.

Another really hard burden to bear for patients is that so many new drugs to the market don’t offer much of an improvement on existing ones: the independent drug bulletin Prescrire found that only 7% of 1345 therapeutic drugs assessed between 2000 and 2013 offered “a real advantage” when compared with drugs that were already available.2 More than half were “me too” products that aim to take a share of a competitor’s market but offer little or no additional therapeutic value for patients. Continue reading

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US needs to push range of economic issues with India: Kenneth Juster

Source: The Economic Times

WASHINGTON: The US must push a range of economic issues with India, including intellectual property, standard and non-tariff barriers, President Donald Trump’s nominee to be the next envoy to India has told lawmakers.

Underlining that there is enormous potential in the economic sphere between the US and India, Kenneth Juster said the two countries have only begun to scratch the surface.

Continue reading

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