Civil Society Analysis: TPPA and its impact on public health

A submission was made to US department of Commerce by the US civil society on IPR chapter of TPPA and its impact on public health. The report demanded greater transparency in the negotiations and provision for inclusion of public comments on the text being negotiated as it directly impacts the public health. Civil Society urged US Government not to adopt levels of patent protection that exceed the WTO TRIPS agreement. In particular, they rejected the inclusion of data exclusivity, patent term extension and patent linkages. Inclusion of border measures was also called as inappropriate as it may lead to seizure of even legitimate drug shipments. The group also stressed on exclusion of pharmaceutical pricing provisions being lobbied by pharma industry as it raise serious concerns for the public health.

These demands are signed and submitted by Médecins Sans Frontières, Health Action International—Global, Health Global Access Project, Knowledge Ecology International, National Legislative Association on Prescription Drug Prices, Oxfam America, Public Citizen, and Universities Allied for Essential Medicines.

Click here to read the complete report.

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