IP negotiations at the UN High-Level Meeting on HIV/AIDS

UN High Level Meeting on HIV/AIDS is set to take place from 8–10 June 2011 in New York to review progress and chart the future course of the global AIDS response. Member States are expected to adopt a new Declaration that will reaffirm current commitments and commit to actions to guide and sustain the global AIDS response. The 2011 HLM is crucial as it will set targets and commitments for the coming years on HIV prevention, treatment care and support.

For the negotiation of the HLM document, the United Nations prepared what is known as the “zero draft.” The original zero draft released by the UN is available here.

Currently, Governments are negotiating at New York based on this draft which covers all issues related to the HIV epidemic including discrimination, marginalized populations, prevention, treatment, etc. As of 19th May 2011, a consolidated document with all country positions is now available.  

Click here for COMPLETE Compilation Zero Draft – 19th May 2011 10pm-1

Key negotiations issues include target setting for treatment, funding of GFATM and IP standards. While many member states including Thailand and other international actors are asking for the scale up on targets to 15 million, developed countries, especially the EU, are opposing this target. On IP standards negotiations, it is interesting to note that the US, Japan and EU are opposing the provisions on TRIPS flexibilities within the negotiating text and keen on pushing their TRIPS plus agenda.

Read brief analysis on the issue:


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  2. Greg says:

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  4. I would like to initiate a resource centre within the community to help ovc’s & plwhs, i there4, appeal to any donor to fund the idea coz, i really sympathize with orphans & pple living with hiv/aids.

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