Director General, Business Europe on EU India FTA: Generics to respect IPR

In an interview to Business Standard, Philippe de BuckInterview with Director General, Business Europe mentioned about his views on drug seizures:

The issue of drug seizures became a point of conflict between the EU and India. Recently, Netherlands had seized a drugs consignment from India. The EU is changing its customs laws in this regard. What do European pharma companies feel about this?

This is a sensitive subject, as this touches health and safety. The key element here is respect for intellectual property rights, and that is a battle between generics and the origin of drugs. I think we can solve both together. I know this issue has been discussed with India at a political level, but we are not aware of any changes in the laws. However, pharma companies have made it clear if the EU signs a trade deal with India, it has to be ensured that generic drugs from India to European markets respect the intellectual property rights of those who have invented and developed these.”

Access the full interview here

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