Call to Participate in the Access to Medicines track of the Global Congress on Intellectual Property & The Public Interest

December 11, 12th & 13th in Cape Town, South Africa in Conjunction with the December 9th & 10th  Open A.I.R. Conference

Coming to Cape Town for ICASA?  Stay for the Access to Medicines track of the Global Congress!

Track Coordinating Committee: Treatment Action Campaign,   Medcins Sans Frontier,  Health GAP,    Center for Health, Human Rights and Development, Section 27,  University of Cape Town

Register today: 

Deadline: Immediate deadline for no-registration fee or to request funding is August 31st, but we are trying to extend this for a few weeks for the A2M track. If you need funding register ASAP!


Now in its third year, the Global Congress on IP & the Public Interest brings together researchers, activists, and academics to share knowledge, build strategies, and create opportunities to shift the IP system to better function with the public interest in mind. This year, the Access to Medicines track of the Congress will focus on key issues including:

  • patent law reform efforts throughout the world—content, strategies, and ideas for pro-health regimes to fully implement TRIPS flexibilities;
  • assessing pro-access innovation efforts to better ensure R&D addresses health needs;
  • opportunities at the international legal sphere (WTO, WIPO, regional bodies, etc.) for pro-access change;
  • threats to access to medicines in the form of trade agreement negotiations, and domestic or international pressure to introduce anti-access reforms in key medicine-producing countries.

With the Congress convening in Africa for the first time, the event will also be an important opportunity to examine access to medicines issues directly affecting the continent, and how they relate to the challenges faced in other countries, regions, and on a global level.

Schedule: Monday & Tuesday is the Open A.I.R. Conference, which will focus on innovation and IP in Africa, though not specifically on access to medicines.  All participants are encouraged to join.  Then, the Access to Medicines track of the Global Congress will include:

·      Weds: Bridge day between Open A.I.R. and Global Congress, featuring creative talks on IP, innovation, access to knowledge and medicine, global development and more…

·      Thurs: Access to medicines workshops, seminars, and planning sessions, focusing on abovementioned topics.

·      Fri: More on access to medicines, plus sessions on cross-cutting IP and public interest issues.

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