Access to drugs for Treatment of Noncommunicable diseases

Source: PLOS Medicine

Summary points:

  • A decade ago, the HIV/AIDS treatment –access crisis helped elevate infectious diseases as a foreign policy issue and mobilized billions in global health aid.
  • A new controversy over patented medicines and their affordability in developing countries is emerging, this time over non communicable diseases (NCDs).
  • Conflicts over patented NCD medications are likely to increase, with potential adverse consequences for patients, drug firms, and developed countries and developing country governments alike.
  • The intergovernmental institutions designated to address trade and global health concerns are unlikely to resolve these conflicts and alternatives to intellectual property have not attached significant donor and multilateral support.
  • Address the NCD treatment –access crisis will require another transformation in global health, this time focusing on low-cost interventions and patient centered, rather than country-focused, strategies.

Access the report here


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