UK court overturns patents on Roche’s Herceptin

Source: Pharma Times

15 March 2014

The likelihood of a biosimilar version of Herceptin reaching the UK market
in the next few months has increased dramatically after the High Court
overturned two key patents on Roche’s breast cancer blockbuster.

The ruling, which stated that the patents (relating to dosage and
composition) were invalid, is a major boost for Hospira, the US firm which
brought the case against Roche’s Genentech unit. The patents on Herceptin
(trastuzumab) for HER2 positive breast cancer expire in Europe at the end
of July and Hospira will be ready to launch in the UK.

Hospira has been working with Celltrion to develop a number of biosimilars
and the latter has already launched their version of Herceptin, called
Herzuma, in its home market of South Korea. The firms are already marketing
a biosimilar of Johnson & Johnson’s and Merck & Co’s anti-inflammatory
Remicade (infliximab) in Europe, as Inflectra.


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