New development in the COPD drug Indaceterol

The patented COPD drug Indaceterol is imported by Novartis and sold under an agreement by Lupin at a price of Rs. 677 for a unit of ten capsules whereas Cipla’s in October 2014 launched at risk the generic version at Rs.130 for a unit of 10 capsules. 

Cipla’s petition to the Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion (DIPP) to revoke the Novartis patents on Indaceterol is available here

In a new development, Novartis filed a trademark infringement case against Cipla in the Delhi High Court on the ground that Cipla’s brandname UNIBREZ – for Indaceterol – was confusingly similar to its brandname Onbrez. The matter – NOVARTIS A.G., AND ANR Vs. CIPLA LTD, CS(OS) 3356/2014 – was heard and dismissed on 17th November 2014 as Cipla agreed to amend its brandname.

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