RCEP protest in India at Udyog Bhawan (Ministry of Commerce)

3 December 2014-People living with HIV led by DNP+ protested at the gates of Ministry of Commerce today to warn Nirmala Sitharaman, Indian Commerce Minister about harmful intellectual property (IP) provisions – put forth by Japan in RCEP- negotiations for which are going in India this week. (Photographs to be credited as ©Siddharth Singh)

EO5C9763  EO5C9765

In the RCEP negotiations, Japan is once again playing a leading role in pushing stringent standards for IP that will undermine and delay access to affordable generic medicines.

EO5C9805  EO5C9784

“The right to life and health of people in developing countries is at stake in this deal.”

EO5C9866   EO5C9753

Unless damaging IP provisions are removed by countries like India before negotiations are finalized, the RCEP agreement – like the TPP – is on track to become one of the most harmful free trade agreements ever for access to medicines in developing countries.

EO5C9797    EO5C9769

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