Don’t Sign the TPPA!

Source: TPP allies listserve| Jan 12, 2015

Trade Ministers from the 12 countries in the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) will sign the TPPA in Auckland on Thursday 4th February, according to statements by governments of Chile and Peru (although this has still not been confirmed by the secrecy-obsessed New Zealand government).

Today,the network of Kiwis against the TPPA, It’s Our Future, has launched a petition, together with partners, ActionStation and ShoutOut. The petition will gather the signatures of Kiwis who do not consent to the government signing the TPPA.

Coordinator of It’s Our Future, Barry Coates, commented: “We now understand why the TPPA was negotiated in secret. It is not in the interests of New Zealanders. Now the text is publicly available, it is clear that the deal is designed to serve the interests of large corporations and powerful states, not the interests of people or the planet.”

Barry Coates added: “This is not an agreement that our government should sign. The TPPA allows multinational companies to challenge decisions of parliament and our courts in a private international tribunal. The TPPA’s rules and enforcement mechanisms will bind the hands of New Zealand governments for the indefinite future, in violation of our democracy,sovereignty and the Treaty of Waitangi.”

Concerned Kiwis are currently consulting on actions and events around the date of signing to support this petition.The government is not signing the TPPA with the consent of New Zealanders.

Laura O’Connell-Rapira of ActionStation said: “Tens of thousands of everyday New Zealanders have been saying for more than a year now that we do not want this deal. We’ve written letters, made submissions, met with MPs and marched in the streets. Yet this government still chooses to blatantly ignore our voices. The fact of the matter is, we’re not going away and we will not be ignored.”


For interviews, contact Barry Coates on 021 365 165 or

The petition is hosted by ActionStation:

The signing ceremony is one step in the treaty making process. The TPPA will not come into force until ratification by countries accounting for 85% of GDP for the TPPA parties. There is doubt about when (and if) the US ratification will proceed. The process is outlined in the research paper by Dr. Jane Kelsey at

Lori Wallach, Director for Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch and Dr. Jane Kelsey will be keynote speakers in the TPPA: Don’t Sign tour:

  • Auckland Town Hall on 26th January at 7pm, with Andrew Little (Labour Party leader), Metiria Turei (Green Party co-leader) and others political party representatives
  • Wellington St Andrews Centre on the Terrace at 7pm on 27th January
  • Christchurch at the Cardboard Cathedral at 7pm on 28th January
  • Dunedin on 29th January (time and venue TBA)

A clear majority of Kiwis rejected the TPPA in a TV3 News Reid Research poll in November 2015 (52% rejected the TPPA – this was 60% of those who had an opinion on the TPPA) A Herald poll showed 48% of those who know about the TPPA opposed it

It’s Our Future is a network of Kiwis against the TPPA

ActionStation is an independent movement for people-powered change

ShoutOut provides a medium for Kiwis to communicate with politicians and the media on issues of concern

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