Petition by civil society to President Hollande on exorbitant prices of cancer drugs & demands transparency in pricing of innovative drugs

To fight the soaring prices of cancer medicines globally, French Cancer League last week initiated a petition to reiterates the following issues:

  • Prices of cancer treatments are “unjustified, illegitimate, unacceptable & unsustainable” for the French public health system
  • Medicines should not be treated like “any other commodity”
  • “Most money goes into marketing a new drug rather than developing it”
  • The principles of solidarity & equity that govern the French health system are at risk

It demands the following:

  • Transparency in the setting of prices for “all innovative drugs”
  •  Public authorities should resist the “pressure” by the pharma sector 
  • Challenge the exorbitant prices of new medicines

The petition concludes by calling on its supporters to mobilise “so as to guarantee that the issue of high prices of innovative drugs is included in the G7 agenda upon France’s request”.

To sign the petition:




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