Private Patents and Public Health

Millions across the globe do not have access to affordable medicines; high prices due to strict patent monopolies maintain medicines beyond the reach of people. In late nineties, millions in developing countries died of HIV/AIDS as big pharmaceutical corporations were charging over $10,000 per patient per year thereby blocking the availability and affordability of the treatment.  Unprecedented efforts by global community led to availability of low- cost affordable generic drugs from India which resulted in scaling up HIV treatment and today, nearly 14 million people living with HIV receive treatment.

Globally, public health activists, patient groups and treatment providers came together to launch efforts to bring in safeguards in the trade rules- Agreement on Trade- Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) set by the WTO.

This book provides a history of the parallel developments in global public health and international patent laws: detailing the current situation, how we got here, and how we can move forward to best protect the future of medical innovation as well as the lives that will depend on it.

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