PhRMA Response to Colombia’s Decision to Enforce a Declaration of Public Interest

Source: PhRMa

WASHINGTON (September 14, 2016) — Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) Senior Vice President, International, Brian Toohey, issued the following statement on Colombia’s enforcement of a Declaration of Public Interest:

“We are very disappointed that Colombia has decided to enforce a Declaration of Public Interest and impose additional price cuts on a proven cancer medicine.

“There continues to be no legitimate reasons for Colombia to enforce a declaration of public interest for the product in question. This medicine is being provided to all Colombian patients who need it and almost half of the patients needing the drug are taking a generic version. In addition, the medicine has been sold in Colombia at a price negotiated and agreed to by the Colombian Government under its existing pricing system and there is no apparent shortage or evidence of other access issues. The Colombian Government’s actions are therefore without merit.

“Biopharmaceutical innovators support strong national health systems and timely access to quality, safe and effective medicines for patients who need them. Ad hoc price cuts are not effective or sustainable ways to improve access or achieve other critical public health goals. Pricing systems should be based on transparent rules and fair processes that provide business certainty for pharmaceutical innovators.

“The enforcement of a declaration of public interest as a mechanism to impose superfluous price controls sets a harmful global precedent, undermining the incentives that enable high-risk research and development investments in life-saving medical innovation and a host of other cutting-edge industries.

“The way to achieve access to medicines is not through compromising incentives for innovation but by leveraging the collective abilities, strengths and resources of all stakeholders to improve health outcomes.”

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