The organisation T1International is calling for insulin and other vital diabetes supplies to be made available for everyone with diabetes through their Type 1 Diabetes Access Charter.

Around the globe today, millions of people with type 1 diabetes are dying because they cannot afford or get a hold of insulin, supplies, education and treatment.

T1International is asking both individuals and organisations to pledge their support to a Charter which outlines five rights that people with type 1 diabetes should have:

  1. The right to insulin
  2. The right to manage blood sugar
  3. The right to diabetes education
  4. The right to healthcare
  5. The right to live a life free from discrimination

The Charter was created to take a stand against the outrageous lack of access to life saving essentials that people with type 1 diabetes around the world face every day. The Charity and its supporters hope that the Charter will be used to bolster type 1 diabetes advocacy efforts worldwide, demonstrating that there are many voices united for these rights.

Elizabeth Rowley of T1International said “we hope that this Charter will signed and shared widely, and that it will influence the actions of governments and organizations so that policies can be changed and the rights of people with type 1 diabetes can be prioritized.”

Anyone can sign the Charter anytime, although T1International hopes that people will think about global diabetes issues on World Diabetes Day (14 November) and be encouraged to spread the word about the Charter and use it for advocacy efforts.

Translations of the Charter and a corresponding letter for politicians will be available in Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Hindi and other languages.

Visit https://www.t1international.com/charter/to sign the Charter and learn more about T1International’s work.

Contact: Elizabeth Rowley, Founder& Director

Telephone:  +447530781174

Email: elizabeth@t1international.com

Charity Website: www.t1international.com

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