Congress party commits to push for amendment in the HIV/AIDS Bill


P_20170310_112832New Delhi: 10.3.2017: Congress Party today made a commitment to a group of People Living with HIV that they will push for amendment in the treatment chapter of  HIV/AIDS (Prevention and Control) Bill when it comes up for passage in the ongoing budget session of Parliament . The Bill states that Central and State government shall take measures to as far as possible provide anti retroviral treatment and treatment for opportunistic infections to People Living with HIV. HIV positive people from across the country have been demanding for the deletion of the term ‘as far as possible’ from the provision of treatment i.e. section 14(1) of the Bill. The provision was inserted in the Bill during the UPA II government in February 2014. Now HIV positive people want congress to ensure that the clause ‘as far as possible’ is deleted from Section 14(1) of the Bill. People Living with HIV feel that the term ‘as far as possible’ is an escape clause which the subsequent governments have brought in the Bill to protect them from any legal liability in case they are not able to provide treatment.P_20170310_112615_HDR

Addressing hundreds of People Living with HIV who were protesting outside the congress headquarters, Mr. P.C. Chacko from the congress party today said, Your entire request is correct, this is an escape clause. It wasn’t meant for escape.  As far as possible is more dangerous in HIV/AIDS bill than any other bill. The bill that was introduced during Ghulam Nabi Azad but this a wrong clause. The bill is drafted by the bureaucrats and then sent to the Ministers, but many changes are made while discussing and passing the bill, I reassure and take the responsibility that Anti retro viral treatment will be provided to all. I assure on behalf of my party that in both the houses of parliament we will move this amendment.”P_20170310_121156


Reacting to the development Mr Paul Lhungdim from the Delhi Network of Positive People said, “ Mr Chacko from Congress Party has told us that their party will move for the amendment in section 14(1) of the Bill. We are pleased that congress party has made this commitment. However now we expect the party to walk the talk and make sure that the amendment as demanded by us is made in the Bill when comes up in Parliament”


For more details, please contact:

Hari Shankar (Delhi Network of Positive People)-9911057240

Pradeep Dutta ( Nai Umang Positive Welfare Society)- 8800664874

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