Study & video released about the impact of the Mercosur/EU FTA on access to medicines in Brazil

This week (March 20-24, 2017) negotiators of the European Union and Mercosur meet once again to move forward with the negotiation of a Free Trade Agreement (FTA). This FTA could have a great impact not only on trade, but in people’s rights, including access to medicines.
This round of negotiations, that is taking place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, occurs after the European Commission has released its proposal on the chapter on intellectual property during the last round that took place in Brussels on October 2016.

The EU proposal on intellectual property has some measures that go beyond the WTO TRIPS agreement and that could jeopardize the access to medicines in all countries involved in the negotiations!

It is critical that Mercosur countries tell the European Commission that they will not accept any “TRIPS-plus” measure and any measure that could endanger access to medicines.

The National School of Public Health of Fiocruz (ENSP), a public research institute in Brazil, has conducted a study to identify the TRIPS-plus measures contained in the proposal and the negative impact that it could have on the public purchases of
medicines in Brazil. This study was conducted with the support of the Shuttleworth Foundation.

The preliminary results of this study are available here (in Portuguese): /ftaeumercosur1.

A video highlighting the main findings of the study and worries around the FTA negotiations is available here (in English, with Portuguese subtitles): https:/ /


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