Smiths Group and AbbVie make available their medical technologies to aid in the treatment of Covid-19

British ventilator manufacturer Smiths Group said it shall make one of its ventilators available for other manufacturers to produce and also committed to providing intellectual property and other advice its PARAPAC Plus lightweight ventilators. This has been done so that they can expand production as a number of countries face a shortage of life-saving medical equipment needed to treat the most serious cases of coronavirus infection.

New York Times Report: UK’s Smiths Makes Ventilator Available to Other Producers available here:

American pharmaceutical corporation, AbbVie has said that it will not enforce its patents on HIV/AIDS combination drugs lopinavir/ritonavir anywhere in the world for any purposes. AbbVie’s drug was identified as one of the potential drugs for the treatment of Covid-19 and further global trials are being conducted by the World Health Organization.

However, it is important to note that AbbVie’s commitment comes after Israel had issued a compulsory license on lopinavir/ritonavir, which would allow the importation of the drug into Israel from generic manufacturers.

Financial Times Report: AbbVie drops patent rights for Kaletra antiviral treatment available here:

Both these steps are important in the part of the global efforts to tackle the outbreak of Covid-19.



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