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The Trans-Pacific Partnership is back: experts respond

Source: The Conversation The latest incarnation of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is said to have “fewer bad bits”. But as our experts point out below, there’s still a great deal wrong with, or missing from, the regional free trade agreement. The new … Continue reading

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Time for costly medicine monopolies to go from TPP trade talks

Source: |November 9, 2017 Negotiators from 11 countries have been racing to resurrect the near-dead Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement before the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit this weekend. The latest plan to get the controversial trade deal up and running … Continue reading

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Intellectual property, affordable medicine, and universal health care

By Dr. Maria Guevara, Business world online| May 05, 2017 MANILA IS SET to host the 18th round of the multilateral trade deal — the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) that encompasses 50% of the global population.  With the Philippines … Continue reading

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The TPP is an even worse deal without the US and should be abandoned

A TPP without the US would lock in all the deal’s most damaging and politically controversial clauses on stronger medicine and copyright monopolies and investor rights to sue governments while delivering almost no additional market access, AFTINET Convener Patricia Ranald … Continue reading

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Trade officials head off to save the TPP

By Audrey Young, New Zealand Herald| May 1, 2017 New Zealand trade officials are heading to two important meetings this week, to a TPP-11 meeting in Canada, to save TPP without the United States, and to Argentina to resume talks between … Continue reading

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Deputy foreign minister named as Japan’s chief TPP negotiator

Source: The government announced Tuesday that it has appointed a deputy foreign minister as chief negotiator for the Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade pact, with an eye to bringing the deal into force without the United States. Keiichi Katakami takes … Continue reading

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TPP May Be Dead but Big Pharma’s Still Getting Away with Murder

By: Vijay Das |Source: Telesur For every trade advancement in the name of improving public health and access to essential medicines, Big Pharma counters. The Trans-Pacific Partnership may officially be dead yet a looming free trade battle remains in the … Continue reading

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