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It’s Official: TRIPS Health Amendment In Effect, First Ever To A WTO Agreement

Source: More than a decade after World Trade Organization member states approved the first-ever legal amendment to a WTO agreement, the change to the international intellectual property agreement has entered into effect. Five more members ratified the amendment in … Continue reading

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Access to affordable generic medicines for world’s poorest countries under threat

Source: MSF access; October 12, 2015 Geneva – Starting Thursday, 15 October, the Member States of the World Trade Organization will be considering a request by the world’s poorest countries to be  exempted from implementing medicine patents for as long as … Continue reading

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TPP draft reveals surgical strike on public health

Source: East Asia Forum On 13 November, WikiLeaks released a secret draft text of the Intellectual Property Chapter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). The text reveals substantive proposals for expanded protection in respect of copyright, patent, trade mark andtrade secrets law, and intellectual property enforcement. Across this, there … Continue reading

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The Op-Ed: What Patent Reform In Brazil And South Africa Can Mean

Source: Pharmalot In recent months, two countries with large economies and large populations both took steps to rework their patent laws, in part, to expand access to medicines. The moves come amid increasing concerns that treatments for certain ailments, such … Continue reading

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What Does WTO Extension For LDCs To Enforce IP Mean For Pharmaceuticals?

Source: Ip-Watch The recent extension granted by World Trade Organization members to least developed countries giving 8 more years to implement international intellectual property protection rules threw a shroud of confusion over a parallel WTO waiver for pharmaceutical products conferred … Continue reading

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The Free Trade Charade

Source: Project Syndicate 04 July 2013 NEW YORK – Though nothing has come of the World Trade Organization’s Doha Development Round of global trade negotiations since they were launched almost a dozen years ago, another round of talks is in the works. … Continue reading

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Letter Shows US Pressure On Global Fund For Compulsory Licensing, Generics

Source: Intellectual Property Watch by William New  12th February,2013 A 2011 letter from the top Republican on the United States Senate Finance Committee condemned efforts by the Global Fund to train public health officials on the use of flexibilities to … Continue reading

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