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The CRISPR Patent Landscape: Past, Present, and Future

Source: The CRISPR Journal Vol. 1, No. 1 | Perspectives Feb 1, 2018 Introduction Besides revolutionizing molecular biology, CRISPR* has intensified public discourse on science and science policy. For better or worse, this has also included a focus on the contentious and … Continue reading

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WHO: Proposed work program on “fair price” undermines affordability of medicines

Source: The Third World Network | May 21, 2018 by KM Gopakumar Geneva:  The proposed work program on fair price raises concerns on affordability of medicines. The document was prepared by the Secretariat of the World Health Organization (WHO)for the … Continue reading

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Drugs scandal roils Greek politics

Source: Politico|May 30, 2018 by Simon Marks ATHENS — The next Greek election could turn on three whistleblower testimonies accusing some of the country’s top politicians of taking bribes from a Swiss pharmaceutical giant. The three anonymous accounts are part of … Continue reading

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Prices of Patented Medicines in India

Source: Economic & Political Weekly | Vol. 53, Issue No. 22, 02 Jun, 2018 by Sharmila Mary Joseph  & James J Nedumpara To Regulate or Not to Regulate? Medicines with valid patents generally enjoy exemption from price regulation in most countries. In India, … Continue reading

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For the first time the court has allowed the Russian pharmaceutical companies to produce a similar drug from USA

Source: HandofMoscow | June 3, 2018 by Andry Kut The arbitration court of Moscow satisfied the request of the Russian pharmaceutical company “Ukrenergo” on the issuance of a license to use a patent of the American Corporation Celgene in connection with a … Continue reading

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NGO alleges ‘stock-out’ of Hepatitis C drugs at city hospital

Source: PTI | Published: India Today New Delhi: An NGO today alleged that at a Delhi government hospital had run out of Hepatitis C medicines, causing inconvenience to patients. “After a prolonged struggle, DNP+ and patients with HCV (Hepatitis C … Continue reading

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New laws needed now to save lives: FTPL statement on new IP policy

  Source: Fix the Patent Laws Intellectual property policy welcomed after nine years of development JOHANNESBURG, 31 MAY 2018 – Yesterday, after nine years of development, the Department of Trade and Industry (the dti) finally published the Intellectual Property Policy of the … Continue reading

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