Speech of Dr. Tedros (WHO Director-General) – l Symposium on Sustainable Development Goals: Innovative technologies to promote healthy lives and well-being

WHO Headquarters, Geneva
26 February 2018

My brother Roberto, my brother Francis,

Distinguished participants, colleagues, ladies and gentlemen,

Good morning, and welcome to WHO. It’s great to have you here.

As you know, universal health coverage is one of the targets the nations of
the world have adopted in the Sustainable Development Goals. And it’s also
our top priority at WHO.

But we’re aware that achieving universal health coverage is not the job of
WHO alone, or of the health sector alone. It will take cooperation between
all of us. Continue reading

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Big pharma against CL move but WHO agrees

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia’s bold move to impose compulsory licence (CL) on the drug sofosbuvir has been heavily criticised by big pharmaceutical companies, but has the support of the World Health Organisation (WHO).

WHO advocates universal health coverage and that means access to life-saving treatment, said its head of mission and representative to Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore Dr Lo Ying-Ru. Continue reading

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New trade agreement could ‘expose taxpayers’ to financial risk

By Anna Patty, Brisbane Times

Australian taxpayers are being warned they are at risk of picking up the bill if Australia is sued by multinational corporations under a new international trade agreement to be signed this week.

Under the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) to be signed in Chile on March 8, Australia has committed to allowing the employment of workers from six new countries without requiring them to first check if there is an Australian who could do the same job. The six new countries granted waivers to requirements for labour market testing are Mexico, Chile, Japan, Canada, Malaysia and Vietnam. Continue reading

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Extreme TB: Centre yet to push for cheaper versions of two crucial drugs

By Vidya Krishnan, The Hindu | March 4, 2018

Compulsory licence for 2 drugs may be needed, but Centre isn’t ready yet

Advanced patented medicines used to treat Drug Resistant Tuberculosis (DR-TB) are available to only about 1,000 patients out of the tens of thousands who need it, because the innovator-manufacturers are not ready to licence Indian drug-makers who can sell them at affordable prices.

Bedaquiline and Delaminid, the new-generation drugs, are recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO) for DR-TB patients. Continue reading

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Novartis must end ‘bullying tactics’ over life-saving medicines, campaigners says


  • Global protests ahead of Novartis AGM in Switzerland tomorrow
  • Call for new CEO to clean up company following scandals in Colombia and Greece

Thursday 1 March 2018 – Swiss multinational Novartis today faced international calls from an alliance of health campaigners for an end to its ‘threats, lies and bribes’ towards governments over access to life-saving medicines, on the eve of the company’s AGM in Basel, Switzerland (1). Continue reading

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WTO TRIPS Council (February 2018): South Africa’s statement on the regulatory review exception

Source:Knowledge Ecology International by Thiru Balasubramaniam| February 27, 2018

On Tuesday, 27 February 2018, the representative of the Republic of South Africa delivered the following statement at the World Trade Organization’s TRIPS Council; South Africa delivered this statement under agenda item on IP and the Public Interest: Regulatory Review Exception.

In addition to providing the Council details of developments in South Africa regarding the regulatory review exception, South Africa poignantly reminded the WTO of the policy incoherence between the right to health and trade rules made manifest in the case of PMA v the President of the Republic of South Africa:

The intersection of IP and public health has long been an issue of contention not only in South Africa but the world over, and one without resolution to date. Continue reading

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Paying Tribute to a Warrior Against Big Pharma: Zahara Heckscher

Source: Public Citizen | By Melinda St. Louis

Peaceful warrior Zahara Heckscher, who passed away on February 24 at the age of 53, after her years-long battle with breast cancer. Among her many talents as a writer, poet, teacher and facilitator, Zahara was a fierce, creative and committed activist. As she valiantly battled advanced breast cancer, she became determined to fight for all patients to have access to the cutting-edge cancer medicines that extended her life.

When she learned that prescription drug companies were using the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations to lock in extended monopolies that threatened access to affordable medicines, Zahara became a passionate trade justice advocate on behalf of cancer patients around the world.  Continue reading

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