Press links


Free Trade, Drugs and India, 30.12.2010, Wall Street Journal

India EU talks in Jan as sides look to meet deal deadline, 27.12.2010, Mint

Worry for Aids patients ahead of EU-India deal, 20.12.2010, The Citizen

Brazil’s pharma pressure campaign for cheap HIV/AIDS drugs, 17.12.2010, Foreign Policy

Is EU trade prize worth a few changes?, 16.12.2010, National Post

Data exclusivity would limit possibilities for generic drug markers, Interview with Ska Keller, 15.12.2010, Telhelka

EU, India Trade Deal Could Hurt Access to Anti-Retrovirals, 15.12.2010, Inter Press Service

Anand Sharma and Karel De Gucht: Partners in trade, partners for growth, 13.12.2010, Business Standard

Pending Trade Deal Worries AIDS Activists, 13.12.2010, Voice of America

Communist Party of India (M): Why this “veil of secrecy” over FTA with EU, 12.12.2010, The Hindu

Public interest groups call for clarity on clauses as India, EU move ahead to conclude FTA, 11.12.2010, Pharmabiz

Generic medications under threat due to India-EU draft FTA: UN, 11.12.2010, The Economic Times

FTA will hurt livelihoods in India, Europe: civil society, 10.12.2010, The Hindu

Call for cheap Indian drugs upstages EU-India trade summit, 10.12.2010, Business Recorder

Indian pharma industry follows the multilateral WTO rules on patents, 08.12.2010, livemint

Negotiations on free trade with EU likely to conclude by March: Anand Sharma, 08.12.2010, The Hindu

EU pact won’t be tighter against drugs, 08.12.2010, livemint

Cheap drugs key to fighting AIDS, 01.12.2010, Times of India

MSF launches ‘Europe! hands off our medicine’ campaign against EU, 01.12.2010, Pharmabiz

Generic drugs bring down costs in poorest countries, 01.12.2010, The Independent

Big pharma and the business of HIV/AIDS, The Independent, 01.12.2010

Licensing deal threatens cheap pharmaceuticals, 01.12.2010, The Independent



EU trade commissioner assures solution for drug seizure issue, 30.11.2010, livemint

Stepped-up talks revive hope of India-EU FTA, 30.11.2010, Business Standard

Mass rally against EU-India FTA at Moreh, 29.11.2010, e-pao

FTA pact’s product list under attack, 26.11.2010, Bangkok Post

Cambodians with HIV/AIDS Speak Against India-EU Free Trade Pact, 25.11.2010, Khmer News

Europe attacking access to affordable generic drugs, 24.11.2010, Bangkok Post

EU trade talks gather pace, 21.11.2010, The Telegraph

Trouble looms for local generic makers, 19.11.2o10, DNA

Trade deal to hit drug access, 18.11.2010, Phnom Penh Post

Public interest groups ask Centre to reject lobbying by Obama administration against generics, 09.11.2010, Pharmabiz

India to soon ink trade agreements with Japan, European Union, 09.11.2010, DNA

EU deal threatens HIV drug supplies, 04.11.2010, AlJazeera


EU and Malaysia to launch free-trade negotiations/ European Voice

Activists fear deal will hurt Aids care/ Bangkok Post

Campaigners urge Commission to re-think EU-India FTA/ New Europe

India: Will Pharma, Trade Agreements Shut Down the Pharmacy of the Developing World? – Tido von Schoen-Angerer

Fury as trade deals “threaten generics”/ Pharma Times online

Protests over FTA talks in drug biz/ India Today

MSF Launches Global Campaign: Europe! HANDS OFF Our Medicine/ AlertNet

MSF launches attack on European Commission for blocking cheap drugs/

Arrests over Aids drugs in India/BBC News

EC accused of doing Big Pharma’s bidding/ presseurop

Bruxelles accusé de faire le jeu des labos/courrier international

MSF lance la campagne internationale “UE: Touche pas à nos médicaments”/ rtlinfo

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