Take Action

Sign the Avaaz Petition urging Indian Commerce not to sign India-EU FTA

Global TWITTER ACTION against Europe’s trade attack on medicines (11th & 12th April)

Act Up-Basel: Take your claws off our medicines ! SIGN THE PETITION

Health Gap: Sign the petition on the right to tell Novartis’ CEO that he can’t line his pockets by limiting access to affordable medicine.


2 Responses to Take Action

  1. Miran says:

    Dear all

    My name is Miran. I am acting in NANURI+, Solidarity for HIV/AIDS Human Rights in Korea.

    Korean activists are preparing struggle against all FTA(Korea-US FTA, India-EU FTA, TPPA and so on) on Auguest 27 or 28.

    ICAAP 10 will be held in Busan Korea on 25th~30th Auguest.
    Will you(or colleagues) participate in ICAAP 10?
    We would like to suggest our anti-FTA struggle to activists and PLHIV who will participate in ICAAP 10.
    We also want to prepare and communicate about action plan with them.


    • What's TPP? says:

      Japanese people are also trying to stop TPPA and created a petition on WhiteHouse.gov.
      We do not have much time left, and we’d be grateful if you could join us.

      Acturally, we must unite and do someting together against these FTAs.
      This time, we did not have enough time to let everybody know about our action, however, we have found several groups of people who can act together.

      Please feel free to post information of your action on our facebook page.
      Let’s get together and get the world back to us the ordinary people!

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