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Pharmaceutical corporations need to stop free-riding on publicly-funded research

by Jason Cone, The Hill The White House Council of Economic Advisers recently announced a strategy to curb high drug prices: force “free riding” countries abroad to pay more and watch the prices go down in America. That’s not how … Continue reading

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Patent Law Holds Back Science

Bloomberg View; March 23, 2016. By Noah Smith. One of the biggest stories in science right now is the fight over the Crispr patents. Crispr is a gene editing technique that promises to allow previously unthinkable feats of bio-engineering. It was … Continue reading

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G-Finder Report: Ebola Distracted R&D Funding For Neglected Diseases; Public Funding At Low

IP Watch; December 8, 2015. A newly issued report provides the “first ever” picture of global investment in Ebola research and development. The report found that investment in Ebola might have come at the expense of other funding to develop drugs, … Continue reading

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The Medicines Patent Pool Signs a Collaborative Agreement with the University of Liverpool to Develop HIV Nanomedicines

Medicines Patent Pool; December 1, 2015. Geneva – The Medicines Patent Pool (MPP) today announced a collaboration with the University of Liverpool and a licence for the university’s Solid Drug Nanoparticle (SDN) technology to accelerate the development of WHO-recommended antiretrovirals as nanomedicines. The … Continue reading

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Big Pharma owes a debt to society

Providence Journal, November 3, 2015. By Mariana Mazzucato. When Martin Shkreli of Turing Pharmaceuticals raised the price for Daraprim by 5,455 percent, he put drug pricing on the agenda for the leading 2016 presidential candidates. Bernie Sanders is reported to have … Continue reading

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